THE SHORTY - Mustard
THE SHORTY - Mustard
THE SHORTY - Mustard
THE SHORTY - Mustard

THE SHORTY - Mustard

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The Shorty is a must have for everyone, find the locker in kids rooms neatly storing books and toys. In the hallway to collect things as you walk in the door.  In the lounge for storing your stash of wool for your next project.  By the side of your bed with the latest stash of novels, The Shorty can be found all over the house.

The Shorty comes in eight different colours: Navy, Mustard, Blush, Slate, White, Olive, Berry & Ocean.

Measurements   H72cm • W35cm • D46cm


Two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole, safety wall screw holes. Door opening to the right.


Handle, lock, custom keyring, mustard logo, air vents.

Due to the high demand for these lovely lockers, please don't be disappointed if the colour you would like to order is not in stock,  contact us, we are able to order  and receive goods within a couple of days. 

Average Delivery time could take 4 days.